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You can call on Marta for consulting and research services related to landscape design, preservation and gardening. She works with home gardeners, companies, museums and historic sites. 

Marta was named 2018 Gardener-in-Residence for the Emily Dickinson Museum in Amherst, Massachusetts, and she continues to partner with the Museum on its Garden Days programs. In 2020, she consulted with Bowdoin College on its Harriet Beecher Stowe garden was keynote speaker for McKee Botanical Garden's "Garden Club of America" day. 

This year, her private commissions have included a pocket park in Madison, NJ and a historic home in Summit, NJ.  


Jekyll Pot
Proud recipient
Tour, Metropolitan Museum
Garden Club of America
Speaking at LauraPalooza, 2017
Book Award
Pumpkin Madness
Author events
Book talk
The Story of Willowwood
Flowers are amazing!
Front garden for a client
Picture at an Exhibition
Marta at the podium
Cross Estate Gardens
Launch, Chatham Community Garden
Walled Formal Garden
Patio Garden in Rain
Fosterfields Cottage Garden
Emily Dickinson Museum
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