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Unearthing The Secret Garden

The Plants and Places that Inspired Frances Hodgson Burnett


For over a century, gardeners have been drawn into the story of Mary, Dickon, Colin, and the garden inside the locked door at Misselthwaite Manor.  Frances Hodgson Burnett was an unlikely garden writer, particularly for inspiring children, as she did not cultivate any substantial bit of earth until she was on the doorstep of her fiftieth birthday. Her output of juvenile fiction was small in comparison to her otherwise prodigious body of work. 


This book looks at the inspiration for The Secret Garden and explores Frances Hodgson Burnett's passion for flower gardening before, during, and after publication of The Secret Garden in 1910. It focuses on the three gardens she planted in England, America, and Bermuda. 


Richly illustrated with artwork from many editions of The Secret Garden along with historical images and new photographs of an prolific, intriguing author. Burnett’s other garden-related writings—at least those that I have discovered so far—make up a section entitled “Outside The Secret Garden.”

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